Saturday, 23 August 2008

3 Glasses and a Rubber Ball

"3 Glasses and a Rubber Ball" Oil on masonite, 7 x 9 inches

I read on a post lately that the act of painting was about resolving problems, it made me think...
Many years ago, my creation process was oftenly ending in a kind of fight to obtain more from it. I just cannot live that way anymore. Life makes your mind shift and I could notice
that through the years I have shifted. I prefer to embrace a new painting project like a dialogue in wich I may have to listen carefully. I feel images the same way I listen to music. It's all vibrations: the idea, the colors, the mood and the desire to make the journey with it.
You can notice that I added a "Music" section on the right side. Music is very important for me.
It always took a special place in my life, that is why I decided to share some artist works with
who ever appreciate innovative music.

Have a great evening and feel free to comment on this blog,

 it's always a pleasure to read you.