Friday, 28 November 2008

Steel, Water and Sake

"Steel, Water and Sake" Oil on masonite, 7 x 9 inches

An other bridge situated near where I live, at the end of my jogging trail. I've thought of painting this since 2 years but never allowed me the time to set a photo shoot before that early and cold morning, 2 weeks ago. This place is magic, even more with all of these recent white tags wich ornate every single piece of rusted steel. I like this old bridge, witness of an industrial past - its graffitis remind us that some young human beings are here now to recreate, express something. Time layers for time travelers.

Our Society still hardly strives sticking on a carthesian definition of living. That old collapsing structure will have to leave all the space for a quantum (non-linear) way of experiencing life. Art brings fresh air, helping to generate new roads or highways between each aspect of
our human experience.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
Have a great week-end!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

On the Ground

"On the Ground" Oil on masonite, 9 x 7 inches

Time is like a furious locomotive these days, I'm having a hard time just trying to stay updated with everything I've planned. Since 3 weeks, many new freelance works increased the volume of my weekly agenda and I know what it means 2 months before Xmas. Sometimes I feel splitted in too ways of living and thinking: an old energy that push me to be productive and " socially somebody"(generating so much unhealthy stress) and this new creative energy that push
( suggest) me to connect, to slow down, to stay tuned with simplicity and self-truth. I once told my partner that painting was'nt so important, he was shocked and asked for some explainations. We live together an incredible and deep relationship for 10 years now, so he had to listen to all of these thoughts and obsessions about Art and Painting. You can easily imagine his perplexity. Of course, I love to paint but the most important part is that it allows me to reflect life and to reach others. I set this opportunity as years passed on but wasn't moved by a kind of notoriety quest ( nothing against it though). It's more that living daily with creativity fits so well with this idea of rebuilding the world I live in.

I wish you a great weekend!