Sunday, 31 August 2008

Ascending Growth

" Ascending Growth" Oil on masonite, 8 x 7 inches

Yesterday, early in the morning, I was doing my daily jogging along the Canal ( Lachine) .
After a while I decided to stop and walk barefoot instead for the fun of looking around more deeply. I asked myself: " Do I really see when I look at things? ". I took a deep breath, this question was really challenging, and realized that there is no limits to it if I commit to see further and deeper. At a certain point it begins to connect with everything and everyone in this beautiful world we live in.
No matter what the Medias try to put in our mind, living on Earth is still a great adventure full of possibilities and I really think it's one of our purposes to make them happen.
Tomorrow is our " Labor Day" in Canada, I think I'm gonna start a new painting...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

3 Glasses and a Rubber Ball

"3 Glasses and a Rubber Ball" Oil on masonite, 7 x 9 inches

I read on a post lately that the act of painting was about resolving problems, it made me think...
Many years ago, my creation process was oftenly ending in a kind of fight to obtain more from it. I just cannot live that way anymore. Life makes your mind shift and I could notice
that through the years I have shifted. I prefer to embrace a new painting project like a dialogue in wich I may have to listen carefully. I feel images the same way I listen to music. It's all vibrations: the idea, the colors, the mood and the desire to make the journey with it.
You can notice that I added a "Music" section on the right side. Music is very important for me.
It always took a special place in my life, that is why I decided to share some artist works with
who ever appreciate innovative music.

Have a great evening and feel free to comment on this blog,

 it's always a pleasure to read you.


Friday, 15 August 2008

Blue Shore

" Blue Shore" Oil on masonite, 7 inches x 9 inches

I finally downloaded Firefox, everything's smoother now. I think that Internet Explorer isn't
friendly with the new version of Blogger. So, let's go back to colors and shapes !

Good night everyone,

Friday, 8 August 2008

The Other Side

"The other side" Oil on masonite, 7 inches x 9 inches

I've been so busy with my freelance projects that I needed to take a small break on my blog .
Happy to be back! When I stop painting, I feel incomplete, like something very important is missing. This painting of a
small bridge near my studio is a kind of metaphor about relationships. Relations with others, with nature or
everything around us. In order to communicate, I found that it is easier if I create a way to see the other side, the other point of view.

Have a great week-end everyone!