Sunday, 1 February 2009

In your own darkroom, wishes...

"In your own darkroom, wishes..." Graphite and conte on bristol, 9-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches

Graphite, again...  kind of a new addictive ritual - good exercise for sharpening my
perception of tonals. I call it a " ritual" because I allow myself the time to work on as many layers as the surface can take. For this one, a dark board would have been much appropriate but this would have killed the fun of playing with black powder on my fingertips.
I spent a whole day last week-end taking pictures for new paintings, there were good shots in
the lot but none of them felt quiet right so I spontaneously jumped on my last year's files looking for something meaningful to draw- I thought that this image could easily relate to my last post.
The more I get older, the more everything tend to become one- interesting that focusing on things make them melt and merge...I cannot create anymore without involving my experience of living (although I never represent myself directly). This image is metaphorical, not a self-portrait. M. is the same model I used for the large paintings on that same subject.

Have a great week!