Saturday, 5 September 2009

(Two) related

"(Two) related" oil on masonite, 10 x 7-1/2 inches

September...already. I have totally lost the sense of time. Been very busy (but zen) during this pas month. Renovating our appartment, working on a commission and painting this piece mainly fulfilled my agenda. The commission is completed now. I had a great time (and a very short delay!) working on that project, a group portrait of children that I will soon show here.
It reinforced my passion for human figures and like everything else, it just came my way at the right moment, stimulating the urge to concretize a side project I'm planning for a long while now.
More details to come...
Before continuing the series of urban scenes, I choosed to create this "interlude" piece.
A simple composition with many technical challenges for that scale, set up with two objects, containers actually - wich give a suggested clue to the nonlinear title.
Over the past twenty years, I've been sculpting, creating visual concepts and designs, so playing with objects and shapes is a natural extension to it, that once in a while I enjoy revisiting.
For so, I prefer not using them in their functional context, it's more their metaphorical properties or their abstract qualities that attract me the most.
A way to balance the realistic rendering with the proposal of some unexpected visual issues.
Forms, architectures, shapes in movement, vibrating, traveling all around and reflecting each other.
A dynamic world composed of electrons and photons, what an exciting journey exploring, playing and learning from it.

A beautiful week to each of you.