Saturday, 21 March 2009

Lifted up

"Lifted up" Oil on masonite, 10-1/2 x 8 inches

Good to be back after 4 weeks of busy weeks and hard work ( freelance again!). In the meantime, I did some work on files and pictures for the first large narrative piece of a series wich starts to become a little obsessive. More to come... This little glass standing on plastic bottles is the little brother of the one showed on my last piece. I got the whole family. I received that precious collection from my mother during Holidays, she inheritated it from her grandmother. It means something to me because I deeply know that this is meaningful to her even if I consider myself more as an "urban lumberjack" ( the soul, not the look!) than an advised collector. I have this passion for shapes and objects but also for simplicity and freedom, never been thrilled by the idea of possessing too much. It's not a moral thing, this always been my nature. So instead of repeating the traditional approach I opted for this little lab play wich fulfilled my need for colors and unexpected compositions . Colors... springtime... living beings gently waking up on the northern hemisphere...

I wish you plenty of good times, wherever you live - North or South on the globe.
Thanks for your visit!