Saturday, 23 January 2010

Two, dancing still

"Two, dancing still" Oil on masonite, 10 x 7-1/2 inches
(click on image for larger view)

Playing with objects. I remember at a very young age, having that natural inclination for the discovery of new properties and functions from every single toy or game I received. Did I change over time? Not so much. Of course, as a grown man I tend to include a psychological reading in my creations but I strive to keep it simple, poetic and true. I deeply think that life could be more easy and simple if we humbly go back to our real nature, including me of course.
Allowing me all the time required even if I have no securities is also a kind of personal statement today. I work hard to progress with this uneasy photorealistc manner, sometimes it shows (it should never, that's not the point!) but trust me, there is nothing "heroic" about this choice, I simply need to look further and behind everything. Slow living, slow creation, slow painting, I realised over time that they all suite right to me just like spontaneity is the path for many artists.

Thank you for taking the time!
A great week to all of you,