Monday, 27 September 2010

White, crimson and silver (on wood)

"White, crimson and silver (on wood)" Oil on masonite, 7 x 10 inches
(click on image for larger view)


End of September. Last week, I choosed to mark a little pause with my urban themes (new urbanscapes soon on this blog, so stay tuned!). To date, this painting is probably one of the most traditionnal piece I've created. I was thrilled to pursue on the "Dutch inspired" clair-obscur still lifes started with the little "white grape/wild mint" and "roses" series. I'm always fascinated by the contrasts between textures, shapes and also by the "resonant" quality that characterizes and gives a unique presence to each. The wide range of subjects that I explore: still lifes, urbanscapes, water scenes, figures and so on are the way I choosed to refine my painting skills.
After 3 years of blogging now, I slowly start to reach the first steps I had planned at the very beginning and must say that it just ignites my passion in some deep unexpected ways. Aside these two blogs, I am working on a new site which will present large scaled photorealisc paintings and drawings. I have this project in mind since a year now and wrote about it on this blog, but the time wasn't right yet to manage the amount of work involved. More details to come...

This past Sunday around 9 pm, while I was working on this piece, I could hear the first Canada geese formations passing by through my studio window. Nature has so many ways to mark the passage of time, I'm always moved by those beautiful sounds.

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