Sunday, 24 July 2011

Commission: Quelques fleurs avant l'aube

"Quelques fleurs avant l'aube" Oil on gessoed cherry wood panel, 11 x 14 inches
(Click on image for larger view)
Private Collection

On July 17th, we were celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents. Along with the other gifts, my sister and I agreed that it would be great if I could paint something special for the occasion. The whole idea popped out while I was creating the music playlist for that day- I was listening to Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany's , Andy William's version -the one that was playing in our house in the 60's) and it made me think of a bouquet lit up by a moon glow.

It was a pretty hot day with the unusual high heat temperature of this summer occuring over many parts of the north american continent. Many months of emails later with the generous support from our respective partners in life, we've finally had the joy to slow down and simply appreciate that unique moment, surrounded by the ones we love and some wonderful gardens.

Thanks for your visit,
have a good summer!